The Kilgour Laboratory

Developing advanced mass spectrometry solutions to analysis problems in areas such as biomedical research, environmental analysis and security applications.  Principal research interests developing new ionisation and fragmentation methods for mass spectrometry; providing new insights into quadrupole mass analysers; and developing mass spectral software to improve post processing performance.

Current research includes – further development of phase correction for FT-MS applications, robust unsupervised peak detection methods, development of useful tools for mass spectroscopists, and automatic peak assignment algorithms for accurate mass MS of complex mixtures such as dissolved organic matter, protein digests or top-down protein spectra.

The Kilgour Lab is an academic research group based in the Department of Chemistry and Forensics, Nottingham Trent University, in the UK.  But, we also have a large number of overseas research and development projects running in collaboration with various other institutions in the UK, Europe and North America.

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