ASMS 2017

See what Kilgour Lab presented (or helped to present) at ASMS 2017.


  • FTMS Workshop – Successes and Challenges of Achieving Routinely High Mass Accuracy – 1745-1900, Rooms 137-138


  • WP 283 Pushing the Limits of DESI-FTICR MS Imaging using Advanced Data Acquisition and Processing Approaches; Pieter C. Kooijman; Anton N. Kozhinov; Konstantin O. Nagornov; David P.A. Kilgour; Yury O. Tsybin; Ron M.A. Heeren; Shane R. Ellis


  • ThOB pm 02:30 High Mass Analysis and Signal Processing on an FT-ICR: From Native Monoclonal Antibodies to Antibody Drug Conjugates and Beyond. Iain D G Campuzano; Steve Van Orden; Huilin Li; David P. A. Kilgour; Jennifer L Lippens; Michael Nshanian; Chawita Netirojjanakul; Piriya Wongkongkathep; Pascal F Egea; Joseph A Loo
  • ThOC pm 02:50 Autopiquer – New Developments in Robust Peak Picking for Mass Spectra. David P. A. Kilgour; Anton N. Kozhinov; Konstantin O. Nagornov; Samantha L. Kilgour; Manuela Tosin; Sam Hughes; Colin Logan Mackay; Magnus Palmblad; David J. Clarke; David Boocock; Yury O. Tsybin

Videos associated with the AutoPiquer presentation:


Come and find out about Kilgour Lab's AutoPiquer algorithm at the Spectroswiss booth (710) #asms17

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