AutoVectis Peak thick hi res transparentAutoVectis is the name of a suite of software designed by the Kilgour Lab to make processing Mass Spectrometry easier.  AutoVectis has many components – some of which are available as stand alone elements, such a tool for opening or viewing mzml files and another for performing an advanced type of peak detection on mass spectra (Autopiquer).

At the core of the AutoVectis suite is Autophaser; a tool particularly intended for researchers trying to capitalize of the potential benefits of absorption mode FT-MS data.  Autophaser has been growing in capability since 2012 and now offers a variety of cutting edge capabilities providing clear advantages over other systems.

Many parts of the underlying methods by which AutoVectis operates have been published.  Take a look through our Publications page.


AutoVectis – High performance absorption mode processing incorporating novel apodization functions (the asymmetric or ‘Kilgour’ apodization), genetic algorithm derived phase optimization and an ability to read many different file types.
AutoPiquer – Advanced peak detection making it easier to extract all the peaks of interest from spectra without having to go and find them all manually.
AutoSeequer – Identifies peaks in top-down protein fragmentation spectra to in-silico produced fragment libraries. It is easy to adjust these libraries to include many more ion classes and adducts than are available in other tools.
AutoLogis – Automates the process of assigning peaks in spectra from complex organic matter samples, or other similar samples that contain homologous series or regular mass differences between peaks. Can also be used to help sequence proteins, ab initio.

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Commercial licenses and support are available for Autophaser through Spectroswiss.

For collaborators who wish to partner in development of new features, other options are available.  Please contact us for more information and to discuss your needs and ideas.

We are happy to provide examples of AutoVectis and Autophaser capability on trial data you send us for testing.  We can also supply trial versions of all tools on a test license.