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The 13th Ardgour Symposium was held from the 10th to 14th April 2017 at Lower Damgate Farm (map) in the picturesque Peak District, in the UK.

Lower Damgate panorama

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 Meeting Album

If you didn’t get to come to the meeting – there here are some pictorial highlights of the 2017 symposium.  Hope you get to come next time!

EMSG Ardgour 2017 Album

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About the Ardgour Symposium

The Ardgour Symposium is an interdisciplinary scientific meeting centered around the users and developers of scientific instrumentation.  Innovation often comes from joining up the gaps that are left between scientific disciplines – the Ardgour Symposium exists to provide a forum where scientists from different areas can meet, network and discuss solutions to real world analytical problems.  It was developed to counter the practical partitioning of scientists into disparate silos.

The Symposium structure has been refined over the years to provide an environment that is designed to foster the development of new productive networks.  The meeting has a mixture of scientific sessions (every attendee has a speaking slot), group networking sessions and free discussion time.

The meeting is kept small in size and is self catering (the meeting is split into cooking teams – each team cooks for one night).  This is so that participants have the opportunity to get to know the other attendees in both scientific and non-scientific environments – something that is key to building long term working relationships.  The meeting also has a free bar – how many of the best scientific ideas had been cracked over a fine single malt or a bottle of wine?  By the end of the meeting, you should have had the chance to get to know your fellow attendees well enough to either have a great idea you want to work on with them straight away or that you will feel able to call them up two years later to ask their advice or get their input.

About the EMSG

The Exploratory Measurement Science Group (EMSG) is an independent scientific society that has grown out of the University of Edinburgh’s Department of Chemistry under the leadership of Dr Pat Langridge-Smith.

The society comprises a growing network of scientists and researchers, based around the world, who are interested in the development and applications of advanced analytical instrumentation. The society’s aim is to encourage cross-discipline interaction and innovative problem solving between the users and developers of analytical instrumentation. Every society member is encouraged to help enlarge the network by introducing new people who can bring new expertise and perspectives to bear and so foster exciting collaborations or cross fertilisation of ideas between scientists of different disciplines who might not otherwise meet.

The Ardgour Symposium is one of the tools used to advance the society’s aim by bringing together invited advanced instrumentation developers and users from a wide variety of fields, from within and without the existing EMSG, to promote innovation, problem sharing and networking in the field of analytical instrumentation.

Any field of science is of interest providing it can bring some influence to bear on exploratory measurement science and the development and applications of improved analytical instrumentation: including separation science, mass spectrometry, spectroscopy, computation, transduction, electronics and systems engineering.


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Delegate Information

The Symposium will start and finish at the Department of Chemistry, Nottingham Trent University.

The week starts with a meet-and-greet session on Monday morning. After lunch, the group will travel to the Lower Damgate venue in the peak district – we will provide transport.  Photos from the accommodation at the venue can be found here.

The scientific programme will be held during Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at Lower Damgate.  All attendees get a speaking slot.

We will travel back to Nottingham on Friday after breakfast.

There are excellent walking and other activities around Lower Damgate – but please bring appropriate outdoors clothing if you want to explore.

Lower Damgate houses a variety of rescued animals including goats, dogs, cats and alpacas – be prepared to make friends with them!

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