At Kilgour Lab, we try to make tools and workflows to help make processing of mass spectrometry data much easier.

If you would like to work with us to help produce a method or workflow that will help you process your MS data more effectively, then please contact us.  Together with our partners at Spectroswiss, we can develop and deploy specific, bespoke methods for improving how you get results from your data.

Some prepackaged tools that we have developed (e.g. AutoVectis) are posted onto this site and can give you an idea of the sort of tool we can produce for your needs.

We have produced specific tools and workflows for different users.  For example, this is an example of a specific tool we created to meet with a user’s requirements, based on AutoPiquer, our in house developed peak detection algorithm.  The user wanted a simple, but robust method for peak detecting large volumes of of MS spectra.

Here is a different workflow, designed to help a collaborator process spectra for top down protein fragmentation, and using AutoVectis, AutoPiquer and AutoSeequer:

We can develop a tool or workflow specific to your needs.