A list of peer reviewed publications can be found here.

Other recent publications:

  • AutoPiquer – a new high confidence peak detection method (ASMS 2016) –  pdf (4Mb)
  • Absorption mode gets even better with its svelte new curves (ASMS 2015) – pdf (2.8Mb)
  • Surface acoustic wave nebulization (SAWN) for homemade explosives synthesis product characterization (Sanibel 2015) – pdf (1.5Mb)
  • Absorption mode takes on some new curves (North American FT-MS 2015) – pdf (3.9Mb)
  • Reclining langourously on my Phase Longue (Ardgour Symposium 2014) – pdf (2.7Mb)
  • Deriving confidence metrics for automatic peak assignment through n-D Kendrick defect inference networks (ASMS 2012) – pdf (10Mb)
  • The secret life of phase-space ellipses (BMSS 2012) – pdf (1.5Mb)