Seq Map

SeqMap was developed to make it easier to generate figures, like the one below, to illustrate protein sequence coverage from MS data.

Cyt c seeqmap - compare Autopiquer_red n-Sigma_green v2SeqMap allows users to enter fragment information in a simple way and generates a sequence map from that.  All you need is the sequence (in a FASTA format file) and the name and location of the fragments.  Here is an example of SeqMap being used as a tool in our top down sequencing module, Autoseequer.

Autoseequer front panelThe sequence map can be exported as an image at a variety of resolutions – to be suitable for websites and publications.  No more hand making this type of diagram in powerpoint.


Two different sequence coverages can be compared to make it easy to identify regions with differential coverage under different conditions or from different spectra.