Ardgour Symposium Planner

The basic week plan for the Symposium is as follows:

  • Monday
    • Morning – Meet at NTU Clifton (science) Campus – see below for more information.
    • Afternoon – Travel to Lower Damgate
    • Evening – Welcome reception and barbecue
  • Tuesday
    • Morning – Science Programme
    •  Afternoon – Networking Sessions
    •  Evening – Science Programme
  • Wednesday
    • Morning – Science Programme
    • Afternoon – Science Programme
    • Evening – Conference dinner and after dinner plenary
  • Thursday
    • Morning – Science Programme
    •  Afternoon – Networking Sessions
    •  Evening – Science Programme
  • Friday
    • Morning – leave Lower Damgate.  Return to Nottingham via event, or directly for those who need to travel.

Some attendees may prefer to travel directly to the Lower Damgate venue having flown into Manchester International Airport as it has more international flights.

Arriving at the venue

You have three options:

  • Meet at NTU, on Monday morning, and take the provided transport to the venue
  • Meet at NTU, on Monday morning, and drive yourself to the venue
  • Drive yourself directly to the venue

Note – you cannot leave a car at NTU during the week of the conference.

Meeting at NTU

If you are meeting up with the main party at NTU, please aim to arrive at the Rosalind Franklin Building on Nottingham Trent University’s Clifton Campus between 1100 and 1200 on Monday morning (10th April 2017).  You can meet up with many of the other attendees, get a tour of the facilities here and then have lunch before we head on to the venue at Lower Damgate.

There is a google map link to the Rosalind Franklin Building (or RFB as it is known here) given on the symposium website (  Or, you can use this link here –( )

You should enter by the Clifton Campus North Gate where the security guards can direct you to either the visitors car park (if you are driving to the campus) or how to walk to RFB (if you have arrived by taxi).

After lunch we will be collected by the coach and will aim to arrive at the venue a little after 1500.

Driving directly to the venue

You can drive directly to the venue if you prefer.  Please note that you should aim to arrive after 1500 as they will not be ready for us before then.

This link will take you to a google map showing the location of the venue –

The address of the venue is – Lower Damgate Farm, Dovedale, Ilam, Ashbourne DE6 2AD, UK.

Contact on the day

If you need to contact someone on the day, please phone O7729 588 834 (David Kilgour).

The 13th Ardgour Symposium is sponsored by Deurion LLC and Pataigin LLC