Teaching resources

We will use this page to host teaching resources that may be useful for teaching mass spectrometry at undergraduate or postgraduate level.

Here is what we currently have:

You can also find a link to the free software that I use for teaching various aspects here – including the tools I used to make the videos below.

Resolution film

AMDIS Basics

A short video reminding students of some of the features, uses and benefits of AMDIS for processing GC-MS data.  This film is intended to support work during an Analytical Chemistry lab session.

Concentration Calculations

Calculations involving concentrations are a common source of difficulty.  I will start to put together a series of short videos explaining how to make it easier to get the right answer.

Here is the first one.



Poor or incomplete referencing, or the choice of poor references are some common sources of lost marks in student reports or papers.  In order to try to rectify this, I am making a series of videos, trying to give students some pointers for getting it right.  This is the first two video on the series – I will post the others once they are complete.



Fields in a quadrupole

This animation shows how the electrical fields vary in a 2D slice through a quadrupole during the RF cycle.  This can be used to visualize how ions could be trapped in such a field.


Quadrupole fields animation from David Kilgour on Vimeo.

Time of flight animation

A simple animation showing some of the concepts in reflectron TOF MS.